Everyone adores a carpeted home because it looks homey and comfortable. Aside from elegance and comfort, it adds safety and prevention especially if you have kids at home. Installation is never a problem but keeping it clean and sanitized is a different story. The toughest stains that you may have on your carpet could be from food or anything that you have at home. Here are the following tips on how to get rid of various stains:

  • Oil / Grease – Use a dishwashing liquid to remove oil drips. Simply mix the liquid soap to at least 500 ml water then spray it directly to the carpet / rug. Use a clean sponge to dab. Do not scrub because it can destroy the fibers.
  • Ink – this is one of the hardest to remove stains. You will need a cleansing chemical which you can find from supermarkets, car maintenance shops or department stores. Again, rubbing too hard or scrubbing should be avoided not only because it will destroy the fibers but the ink may also smudge to unaffected parts of the carpet.
  • Candle Wax – one of the common stains since scented candles are usually used to remove unwanted smell in the house. To get rid of the wax, put a piece of cloth over the melted candle drops and iron it for a few seconds. Try scraping the wax with an object which is not pointed or sharp.
  • Gum – sticky gum is impossible to remove with a use of bare hands. Try freezing the gum with a use of ice cubes and when it is already hard and dry, abrade the gum with a spoon or bread knife.

There are other available solutions and condiments at home that you may use like vinegar, lemon, shaving cream, Liquid detergents, etc. But for best results, you can call a professional carpet cleaner to ensure proper cleansing.


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