1. Make sure that the company is legally registered. To avoid fly by night businesses, always ask for their permits and receipts as proof of legal operation. Choose the cleaning services with a physical office so you know that they will not disappear at any moment.
  2. Search for clients’ feedback and recommendations. It is better to hear from someone you know very well but if it is not possible, just read some reviews on their page or website to see how many customers were satisfied with their services.
  3. Check their rates. Whether you just need a cleaning service once a month or on a regular schedule basis, ask for packages, promos or discounts (if there is any). Compare prices to other home cleaning companies before deciding. You can find some home cleaning service companies who also offer extra service such as laundry, interior/exterior window cleaning, and carpet cleaning.
  4. The cleaners must have complete equipment for different purposes. Good housekeeping services do not require their clients to provide tools for the cleaning session. Especially for some services that need special chemical solutions or machines such as vacuum, dryer, polisher, etc. Although some cleaning groups ask their customers if they have a specific product that they want to be used for cleaning.
  5. Ask if they offer a warranty. Most trusted companies give their clients a money-back guarantee to assure them that they will do their best to clean the house thoroughly and carefully.
  6. When getting a bond clean check that the bond cleaning Brisbane gives a bond guarantee as part of their service.

Keep in mind that house cleaners rates vary from one company to another. They may also have their own policies so make sure to discuss things such as payment and task designation before the transaction begins. It is better to have a written agreement upon hiring them.

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